Back to School Tips – University Edition

Back to School Tips – University Edition

by Russells 10 January 2020

After all the fun, partying and vacations that the summer holiday had to offer, we have reached a point where life gets a bit more serious as we get back to school and switch our headspace to a study mode. Here are several tips that could assist you in making the transition back to a study mode a pleasant one, while laying the foundation for yet another successful schooling year.

1. Get Equipped

Being prepared doesn’t just stop at a mental level, this also applies to your equipment. It is essential that when you get back to University, you have all the necessary equipment that will assist you in studying and completing your assignments in an easy, professional and timely manner. There is nothing more convenient then having your own equipment. Getting yourself a laptop and all its accessories may be expensive but Russells does it differently by providing Notebook Bundles such as the Connex Swiftbook 14 – Inch with 500GB HDD Notebook Bundle, that provides you with a laptop bag and a mouse to make your hectic life as a student a little easier without hurting your pockets. Russells really does make computing look effortless as your success is our priority!

2. Get Studying as Early as Possible

After a long holiday, it is difficult to get back into a study mode but this is important, as this allows you to make sure that you stay on course and do not fall behind. Studying early will make sure that you are on track with your syllabus and this will ensure that you will not be scrambling, trying to play catch up when exam time arrives, as this will lead to you being under pressure.

3.Stay Hydrated and Get Enough Sleep

Staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential in making sure that you study well and always stay refreshed. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes allocating enough time to get a good night’s rest so that you are ready for whatever the syllabus throws your way, Russells has comfortable bed sets like the Cozy Nights Monarch 92CM (Single) Base Set, or Restonic Bazaruto 152cm (Queen) Gentle Bed Set that will ensure that you get a comfortable sleep so that you are wide awake when you chase those distinctions.

4. Make Sure That Your Stress is Under Control

It is essential to make sure that all issues that may cause stress are resolved before the semester starts, even though some may occur during the semester, it is important to deal with them as soon as possible before they affect your studies. Getting a good night’s rest and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will assist in reducing stress levels, remember that the main aim is to have a successful year!

University has never been easy but making sure that you are equipped for the year in all aspects of your life will make the ride a bit smoother. We at Russells care about our customers and making sure that they are equipped to be successful is the biggest priority.

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