Don't be caught unprepared, invest in these 3 appliances for your kitchen

by Russells 26 July 2019

Besides the kitchen scheme or built-in cupboards, the stove and the fridge, there's quite a number of appliances your kitchen needs. Whether it's for convenience or you just want to spoil yourself, you can kill two birds with one stone with these important must-have appliances:

Microwave - nothing beats having a microwave in a kitchen. This is the superhero of all appliances. Not only is this appliance great for warming up or defrosting food, but it can also perform quite a number of functions, depending on which brand you purchase. The Defy metallic microwave for example, also boasts a cooking function, doubling up as a stove when you need it to. Some microwaves also have a grill function, so you can enjoy the usually oven-made goodies even if you don't have an actual oven.

Kettle - if you love hot beverages, then you have no excuse not to have a kettle. This appliance is also great for boiling water for foods like pap or pasta. It saves you so much heating time, and electricity.

Washing machine - while this is not necessarily a kitchen appliance, a washing machine is a must have for all households. Not only does it save you time and some hard labor, it provides convenience, which has become more than a luxury nowadays. With our busy schedules and always on the move lifestyles, we need all the help we can get when it comes to household chores, invest in a washing machine and scratch one thing off your to-do list, your hands will thank you.


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