How Lay-by Really Works

How Lay-by Really Works

by Russells 10 January 2020

It is not always possible to buy the beautiful furniture that you want in cash, luckily there is a lay-by payment option that you can use to pay for the furniture piece that you want over a period of time. This option reduces the risk of paying more than you should. We at Russells care about our customers and making sure that they purchase the furniture pieces that they fell in love with a priority!

What is Lay-by?

Lay-by is a payment option that allows you to purchase goods that you may not be able to purchase in cash, by having the store that you have purchased it from hold it for you while you pay it off in an agreed time frame. This payment option is a signed agreement between you and the store that you are purchasing from. It ensures that there is no interest charged and if you are not able to complete the purchase or decide that you do not want the goods anymore, you will be refunded and charged 1% cancellation fee. Once the full amount for the goods have been paid, you will receive the beautiful piece of furniture that you fell in love with. The agreement that you will have with the store that you are purchasing from, should mention the amount that will be paid and the time frame that the amount will be paid (e.g. R1000 = R200 x 5 Months). A store may request that you pay a deposit when entering a lay-by agreement, and you must always read the terms and conditions first when entering into an agreement and you must be 18 to enter into a lay-by agreement.


So how do I apply for lay-by?

Russells provides a convenient online solution to applying for lay-by in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Search for your product online and click on “Apply for Lay-by”

Step 2: Fill in your details on the form and select “Submit”. You will then be contacted by the Russells team and your quotation/contract will be sent to you.

Step 3: Pay the required R100 deposit of your lay-by, sign the contract and send a copy of your ID back to the Russells team.

But what are the true benefits of applying for lay-by?

These benefits include:

• No credit checks,

• No interest or extra costs,

• Your money is safe and guaranteed,

• Up to 12 months to pay,

• You only need to pay a R100 deposit, and

• Non-SA citizens are welcome.

Nothing should stand in the way of you and the furniture piece that you so badly want to have with payments options like lay-by. Russells makes it as easy as 1,2,3 with their simple online application, with such an easy payment solution why would you go elsewhere?

Get the furniture piece that you love on lay-by now with Russells, because we care about you and wants you to get the furniture piece that you love!

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