How to furnish your first home on a budget

by Russells 26 July 2019

So, you’ve finally done it, you have decided to spread your wings and find your own space, your first home, and your pride and joy. Now that the hunt for the perfect home for you is done, it is now time to really make it feel like home, but the cost of living is very high, and you’re sitting there with a checklist of what’s really a necessity and what’s a luxury. Needless to say, as the list of things you need grows, your budget seems to be going the opposite direction and you find this whole independence thing more expensive than its worth. How do you furnish your home without putting an irreversible dent on your bank account?  



First things first, always be on the lookout for sales and promotions. Most stores will have sales to go with popular holidays, days of the week, even the end of the season. Be sure to look out for these and also sign up for promotional emails, you might come across something you needed but had no idea where to begin finding it.

When it comes to appliances, you may choose to shop around for individual items, or find a special that offers a combination of small appliances. This is a great way to cover your basic appliance needs, while also saving time and money.



Buy furniture that has more than one use. A sleeper couch, for example, is a great choice if you're looking for a seating place by day and a place to put up the occasional visitor. This furniture item works very well if you do not have enough space for a guestroom, let alone a bed for guests. It serves as a couch by day, when the good time and conversations are over and it’s time to call it a night, just open it up, put some bedding and pillows on it, and you have extra sleeping space.

Another option is to buy your home furnishings either on lay-by or on credit. We offer these options online and in-store and they are both ideal if you're looking to pay off your furniture over a longer period. While a lay-by option won't charge you interest or have any extra costs, you'll only get your items once you've paid them off in full, with the credit option, you'll get it as soon as they can deliver, but you'll incur interest.

Whatever you decide, there are many ways to make your place a home while still keeping your budget intact. Happy shopping.


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