One furniture item, so many ways to pay for it

by Russells 30 July 2019


When it comes to getting your hands on your favorite piece of furniture, going from just looking to making a purchase brings about the question of affordability. Yes, I'd like to get this but how, and can I afford to get it now? Sometimes the answer to these questions is simple, you have budgeted for this so you can afford to buy it cash. Other times, a plan needs to be made so you can own that sleek plasma TV or lounge suite you've had your eye on.

With so many convenient ways to shop for items, paying has also gotten a lot more convenient, and you have a number of payment options at your disposal.

The first option is getting your goods in cash, just bring the money along or swipe your debit card, and the purchase is done. You can also simply buy online, by choosing your product and then doing an online payment. When that's done, it's now up to the store to make sure your new baby reaches your doorstep as agreed upon and in one piece.

The second option is getting the item on lay-by. The great thing about lay-by is that there are no credit checks necessary, and you only need to pay 5% of the price upfront, which can be as little as R100. From then on, you have 6-12 months to make payments until you finish off your purchase, no interest or additional costs incurred. The lay-by process is also simplified by the 3-step online application process, saving you time.

Thirdly, you can get your furniture on credit, with its wide array of flexible payment options. You have up to 48* months to pay off your purchase and can apply for credit in three ways: via SMS, in-store, or online. You'll need a credit check for approval, but the advantage with credit is the long timeline you have to pay off the money. You also have the convenience of not only shopping online, but getting online credit as well with Mobicred. Simply fill out the form, wait for approval, and enjoy your shopping.

So, whichever one of these options works for you, your new purchase awaits.

* T’s & C’s Apply

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