Our 5 favourite lounge suites at the moment

by Russells 11 December 2019

The lounge is a great place for family gatherings, community, and conversation, and we want you to make it the best space possible by sharing our favourite lounge suites. Besides the trimmings like a coffee tableTV or plasma stand, perhaps the most notable furniture piece in this space is the couch or lounge suite. Not only does this piece help define the room, it also sets the tone for the overall decor and accessory choices. With so many lounge suites for sale and the variety of lounge suites on the market to choose from, we've narrowed it down to our five favourite pieces at the moment:



1. Aldo 2/3 Seater Couch - if you're more of a couch person, then the Aldo couch is the perfect piece. This piece comes in a 2-seater and 3-seater option, depending on how big your space is. It’s upholstered in black or copper suede fabric and has innerspring seats for added comfort.

2. Salsa 2 Piece Daybed - the Salsa daybed suite is perfect if you’re looking for multipurpose furniture and comes upholstered in a durable mock suede fabric to ensure you have a comfortable seat. It boasts loose fibre back seat cushions and a chaise bed that gives you and your guests the option to either lay back or sit up comfortably.

3. Torca 3 Piece Lounge Suite - if you love furniture that’s easy to maintain, then this lounge suite is for you. The Torca suite comes upholstered in Polyurethane(PU) fabric, which is water resistant, durable and easy to clean. The set consists of 3 actions, one in chair and 2 in the division making this your dream recliner lounge suite, with reclining back seating for your comfort.

4. Kensington 4 Piece Lounge Suite - this family size 4 Piece Lounge Suite comfortably seats 6 people, making it the perfect piece for large families. It comes upholstered in world class Suede fabric which is decorative and easy to maintain, and a shaped fiber backrest with cushion back support. The timber arm-rest design on the suite also adds a modern look and will enhance any lounge area. If you're looking for a different and darker fabric for your lounge decor, the Mali 4 Piece Lounge Suite is the best alternative. This traditional style lounge suite is made from durable overprint fabric and has a stylish foam facing on the arms to add a unique style to your home.

5. Jessica 3 Piece Lounge Suite - the sleek and modern looking Jessica fabric lounge suite consists of a 3 division seat, 2 division seat and armchair, which makes this unit easy to fit into any space. It has a contemporary firm design that will complement your decor, and comes upholstered in suede fabric, making it durable and easy to clean.

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