The best time to shop for furniture

by Russells 11 December 2019


Furniture can be quite expensive, which makes finding great bargains and knowing the best time to shop for it of the utmost importance. You have to have your ear on the ground so you can be the first to know and get yours while stocks last. Whether it's for an upgrade or simply just getting started, nothing beats the added satisfaction one gets when they finally get their hands on the furniture of their dreams. You too can enjoy this feeling and get the best furniture for every room in your house at great prices



First things first, find the furniture you need for your space. Check if it is to your tastes and if it goes well with the rest of the decor theme you have going on in your home. How much does it cost? Can you afford to pay it off at once or do you need a payment plan? We offer the option of getting it on credit or lay-by.

Most furniture stores run weekly, and sometimes monthly promotions on their products, so Fridays are good days to check for specials. We have great Black Friday deals or Weekend Deals every week so we can make our affordable furniture even more so for our customers. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to see these deals first hand.



Month end is also a great time, as is the end of each season. Because most furniture stores are clearing their space for new ranges for the upcoming season

Another exciting thing to add is that in about a month's time, Black Friday is coming around once again. If you haven't already, it's time to get started saving up for the biggest deals this year. We'll be giving you loads of specials so you can make your house a home. Don't miss out.

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