The Right Tools for Your Small Business

by Russells 26 July 2019

You have taken the leap of faith. You are going to start a small business. Perhaps you are starting this business on the side. Maybe this is the start of big things. Regardless, starting a small business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

Here are the right tools to get you started.

1.      Small Appliances

You can start your own business for R159. Yes you read that right! The Wahl Hair Clipper Homepro Basic is all you need to get your barbershop started. Yes the chairs, products and other essentials will come later, but with this 8 piece hair cutting kit you can start cutting hair from anywhere.



2.      Outdoor Products

It’s a tale as old as time. A young kid looking to earn extra pocket money. He takes out his dad’s lawnmower and heads down the street. With quality and affordable products, you can start a garden service business! The Ryobi 30cc Petrol 2 Stroke Line Trimmer is a lightweight and affordable tool to have. While the Ryobi 1200 Watt Electric Lawnmower is an efficient addition to any gardening business.

If mowing the lawn isn’t your thing, or you are looking to add a dimension to your outdoor business, you can offer car washes too! The Ryobi 1600 Watts High Pressure Washer is a powerful tool that makes washing any car a breeze!



3.      Computers

We live in a modern world. With a computer and internet access, the world’s your oyster! Not only can you do free courses online and upskill yourself, but you can start a small online business. Start small with the Connex Swiftbook 14-inch With 500GB HDD Notebook Bundle

Looking to go big and create a mini office at home? The HP Ultimate Family Bundle comes with a 4GB HP notebook, 3-in1 Printer, backpack, wireless mouse, 16GB USB, Coral Office Software, and a printer cable.



What are you waiting for? With Russells’ affordable payment options , you can get started today!

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