Do you make these simple mistakes in furniture?

by Russells 26 July 2019


With so many do's and don'ts and how to's when it comes to furniture, you'd think we'd have our stuff figured out when it comes to avoiding making mistakes where furniture is concerned. But, it would seem that, no matter how much information is out there, we still find ourselves making these simple mistakes. Do you or anyone you know make any of the mistakes below?

Too much furniture - it is one thing to accessorize and accentuate a space, but, when it comes to furniture, there is such a thing as too much. Adding way too many pieces of furniture in a room can make it feel overcrowded and untidy, even when it’s clean. One way to determine if you have too much furniture is if the space between your furniture pieces is less than 400cm or more.

Putting furniture against the wall - another mistake we often commit is putting furniture against the wall. Try to leave space between your furniture pieces and the wall, this makes theroomfeel airy and well thought out. Putting furniture against walls makes the roomlook small.

Matching furniture - while a lounge suite might work for your space, it is advisable to not make your furniture pieces too matchy-matchy. Try breaking the matching pieces with a different coffee table design and plasma stand.

Awkward furniture height - be sure your dining room tables and chairs have a cohesive height, the same goes for your bed and pedestals. Nothing is more awkward looking than a bed that's too high or too low for pedestals, or chairs whose height won't allow comfortable leg roombetween you and the table. A dining room suite or bedroom suite solves this as height has been taken into consideration in their design.

Ignoring flow - you should always be mindful of how people will navigate a space when decorating. You don't want to put furniture pieces in places that block movement or have people having to take the long way around the furniture to move around the room.


The most important thing to keep in mind always is to create a space that feels open, and is functional, without feeling like you're compromising on your tastes. However, some things are a complete no-no.

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