Family gatherings in the lounge

by Russells 30 July 2019

Nothing beats family gatherings in the lounge, spending that quality time with your loved ones. Whether it's over a meal or your favorite television show, lounges are a great place for these amazing family communions. Remember your dad with his chair that no one else was allowed to sit on, that is, until the grandkids happened, then suddenly it wasn’t so serious anymore. The politics of grabbing the best seat in the house first, and oh, don’t even get us started on the remote wars and the battle of who gets to put their feet up on the leftover space on the sofa. These are but few of the things that give you fond memories of not only the people but the space as well. I mean, where else would one have these special moments?

Whether you go for a simple look with just the couch or lounge suite and a TV stand, or go all out and customize this room, it is always designed with the idea to make it a place where the good times roll and the conversation flows. A great addition is the coffee table, as it provides a place where one can put down their drinks and snacks, and, for the brave ones, their feet. The styles are pretty varied, and there's one that will match your decor. For instance, the chunky ones like the Polo coffee table or the Lexi are great for large living rooms and won't make it feel cramped, while the Nina coffee table, with its glass and metal design, is great for a more minimal look. Just be sure to have coasters for those drink marks and invest in a quality glass cleaner.

In the time of plasma stands, it would seem that wall units no longer have a place to fit in, but this is not the case as decorating this room should always be as personal a choice as possible. Besides, where else are you going to put those embarrassing childhood photos so reminiscent of the ones your parents or grandparents had in their lounge. Admit it, you enjoy going home and seeing those, as outdated as you might think they are.

When it comes to your own lounge space, have fun decorating this room, keeping in mind that this is where you and your guests will spend the most time, so you also want it to be functional and open.